Rafael Martins (3 minutes) Discovering new cultures, learning about history by visiting must-see attractions, trying new and exotic food, taking a terabyte of incredible pictures is probably all pretty familiar to you and it all comes when you travel abroad on vacation. However, this apparently broader perspective of the world carries a complicated and true inconvenience issue. Let me explain using some questions.

Let’s face the facts. How many times have you ever made new friends inside a large department store? Or have you ever spent any time trying to listen to a problem from a regular citizen? Have you ever looked around to something beyond tourist spots? At least one time, have you ever observed the fatigue on other people’s faces inside a metro station?

I’ve been asking myself about the “depth of my thoughts” when I visit new countries. It seems a clear paradox. Instead of developing a new and wider mindset, I feel a narrow-minded-process going on as soon as the take off occurs. We were not created to allow such a phenomena.

I know a very popular excuse people invent and it happens when they tend to separate “tourist trips” from “sabaticals” . But to be honest, it does not matter. We are all human beings all the time. Thus, there is not a proper situation or location to put yourself in another person’s shoes. In regards to disturbing feelings and complex situations we should not accepted a “tourist license” to simply not to care or give a break to ourselves. Differently from that, we are preferring to count the number of fancy cities we’ve visited.

It looks similar when you – as a well known customer – visit an outstanding restaurant and focus on quantifying the meals you have already ordered instead remembering the pleasant talks and laughs you shared with your friends.

Anyway, observing friends of mine and also myself I’m less inclined to believe in a big shift in the short run. Nevertheless, I must recognize that wondering even a few seconds about those questions represents a minimal, but concrete progress. One way or another we need to raise the pace, improve our perception about what really matters in order to: eat a homemade dishes among new friends, learn about unwritten histories and record all by heart without counting anything. I strongly believe nobody remembers to take photos when you have a lot of fun. First things first…


Um comentário em “How far can you see?

  1. Dentro do que pude compreender, em meus pobres conhecimentos de língua inglesa, falas da postura predominantemente assumida por turistas ao redor do mundo. Bem… desdobramentos diferentes de mesmas causas! Enquanto a criatura humana identifica-se mais com o corpo que veste do que com o Espírito que é, o verbo “gozar” é exaustivamente conjugado em meio às possibilidades de retorno imediato oferecidas pelo meio em que nos encontramos. Espiritualizarmo-nos é preciso!

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